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Presentazione Assemblea dei Precari INRiM 15 Giugno 2017

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A seguito dell’Assemblea dei precari dell’INRiM del 15 Giugno 2017 pubblichiamo la presentazione delle slides:

Rendicontazione assegni di ricerca,, – Annotated Model Grant Agreement

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H2020 Programme AGA – Annotated Model Grant Agreement

La Commissione europea ha pubblicato una nuova versione sia dell’ Annotated Model Grant Agreement sia della Guidance on List of issues applicable to particular countries  che affrontano il “problema” del riconoscimento di assegnisti e collaboratori come personale dei progetti H2020.

In breve:

Italy, Workforce contracts

  1. Contratto a progetto (
  2. Contratto di collaborazione coordinata e continuativa (
  3. Assegni di Ricerca

May be declared as personnel costs if they fulfil the conditions of article 6.2.A.2, in particular that the person factually works under conditions similar to those of an employee. If the costs are eligible as personnel costs, the time worked for the H2020 action must be supported by relevant supporting documents (see Article 18.1.2). If they do not fulfil the conditions, the costs may still be eligible as:

Subcontracting: if the activities covered by the contract are part of the tasks of the action detailed in Annex 1 (e.g.: the contract is to produce deliverable X, to work on work package Z, to carry out research work for the H2020 action)

Purchase of services: if the activities covered by the contract are not part of the tasks of the action.

In both cases the award of the contract must fulfil the specific eligibility conditions (Article 10 or Article 13), including that the contract must be awarded ensuring best value for money and no conflict of interests.


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