Food security @ UniTo

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Apprendiamo con entusiasmo che l’INRiM sarà coinvolto in programmi di nuove frontiere tecnologiche interdisciplinari quali la “food security”, di cui segue una diapositiva.

…ma che “sicurezza alimentare” non era abbastanza “cool”?

Is it morally acceptable to hire postdocs?

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Thoughts For Breakfast

I have trained dozens of Postdocs. One of them even got a faculty position.Since I started interviewing for faculty jobs, I had to seriously ponder on how I would run my potential future lab. One question in particular has been bothering me quite a lot. How many postdocs (if any) should I hire? This is what I would like to discuss here today. I will be deliberately provocative, but also probably quite naïve. So please, do share your thoughts and contradict me if you think I am wrong.

There are three principal dimensions to this question. The first dimension is of course the money: if you have money, you hire people; if you don’t, you can’t. Real decisions are made along the other dimensions.

The second dimension is productivity. Research labor comes primarily in two flavors: PhD students and postdocs. (I will discuss permanent researchers below; let’s focus on students and postdocs first.) Postdocs are more productive and more independent, but are also…

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